Firefighters Need Your Help!

We are a non profit called The First Twenty and our mission is to improve the health and safety of The American Firefighter. In 2012, we launched the nation’s first-ever mobile wellness solution for firefighters. Please answer the call, support Mission Twenty, and help us provide our proven program at no cost to firefighters across our country!

The Problems

Our firefighters face enormous physiological and psychological stress that can affect their mental health, performance, safety and quality of life. These stressors result in these awful facts:

Our Proven Solution

The First Twenty’s Tactical High Performance Program™ takes an unrivaled approach that addresses the unmet performance, safety and health needs of the American firefighter. As the the first-ever national program, our holistic initiative provides proven performance fundamentals specifically designed to address the unique physiological and psychological challenges facing today’s firefighting force. The results behind our program and the science it is built upon are so highly regarded that FEMA & The NIH have invested a combined $2 million to perform clinical trials on our ground-breaking program.

What Firefighters Receive

For just $2 per month you can help!

  • A two year membership to our Tactical High Performance Program™ for a onetime cost of $48.
  • A proven solution that helps them get increase performance, get in better shape, reduce unwanted stress and reduce injuries!
  • A free iPhone & Google Base App to keep our program at their fingertips at all times
  • A robust weekly contact system that keeps them informed and engaged
  • Physical performance, mental performance and tactical nutrition tasks, workout videos and explanations, health tips, recipes, bar code scanning, and meal journaling resources.
  • Discounts towards awesome health and wellness products and merchandise just by using the App
  • Department Roll-In & Support Webinars to help firefighters move through our program and reach their goals.

Instead of buying a firefighter a cup of coffee, give them the nation’s only national proven program for health, safety and performance!

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunties

We are asking our corporate sponsors to help us give our proven program away to fire stations at no cost to them. To do this we need you to cover the two year membership cost of just $48/year cost per firefighter. There is NOTHING else that exists that provides firefighters this amount of proven programming for just $2/month per firefighter. Our three levels of sponsorships are:

Sponsorship Levels
Lieutenant Plan $480 10 Firefighters
Captain Plan $960 20 Firefighters
Chief Plan $1,440 30 Firefighters

What You Get

  • A listing on our sponsorship page on our website
  • A listing on our sponsorship on our program site
  • A special feature on ALL our social media accounts under the specialized heading “Brother Of The First Twenty”
  • If your business has any other specific needs or wants we are open to ideas
Please contact us with any questions.