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About The Program

We have created a fitness and wellness system that will reach, educate, train and motivate our firefighters. Our portable, scalable program is designed to be easily managed, maintained and implemented by the average firefighter.

Our Program is designed to meet the needs of both career and volunteer firefighters. With the understanding that all firefighters have high demands on their time, our program is engineered to remove the barriers of time and accessibility, which are the two main challenges to firefighter health and fitness. The program will deliver all programming online and through mobile technology providing firefighters access to their fitness program and educational resources 24/7/365.

Through the combined expertise of our partners we are using the most up-to-date metrics for functional fitness, nutrition and mental fitness. Our mental fitness resource will assist firefighters in understanding the physical, psychological and social factors that influence their daily lives. It provides firefighters with a roadmap to operate in their peak performance zone while reducing unwanted stress and offering a holistic approach to keep firefighters focused on their health and wellness.

The Specifics

Our program has three basic functional areas: Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness, and Nutrition. A firefighter can engage in the functional areas one at a time; or they can engage in them concurrently. Program components across each functional area – including education and action plans – are delivered through an online portal as well as mobile technology.

To read more about the components of the program, download our Program Overview.

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Aim High! The First Twenty is proud to announce that The United States Air Force Fire Emergency Service will be using our program to aid Air Force firefighters in the pursuit of their fitness and wellness goals starting in The Spring of 2012.

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